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Hi everyone, I’m Matrisse. I am a maker of things! 

On my Dad’s side we are South Sea Islander and Aboriginal. I am the youngest of three girls growing up mostly in Brisbane with a few years in Far North Queensland. As a kid I hated moving, but now I like the feeling of a new adventure. Although, with two school aged kids and a husband who is not so keen we have settled in Brisbane, for now!

Much of my work reflects issues that are close to my heart, such as the environment, culture and the love of beautiful illustration and design. I create works mostly on paper, fabric and ceramics. Making has always been an integral part of my life, I love creating things that are one of a kind, whether that is a brooch or print even the slightest difference I cherish. In a world where the need for perfection in our everyday life is paramount, from our bodies, our jobs or even our homes, I strive for the imperfection, individualism and love the uniqueness of each piece I create.


With my new studio almost up and running I am looking forward to bringing you more works.  


Much love



I love taking on small scale creative projects. Over the last few years, I worked on projects doing things like social media, graphic design, event management, and market curation. As the Creative Producer of three Meeanjin Markets I co-ordinated musicians, markets, and workshops, even moving the event online in 2020.  I love working as part of a creative team so if you need an extra person for your project please feel free to get in touch!

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